Resilience: film screening and discussion

"The child may not remember, but the body remembers." Screening & DiscussionHilltop Montessori February 11th 5:30-7:30pm(snow date Feb 12th) Hilltop Montessori school, staff, families and area community members are invited to a presentation and discussion of the...

Management and Leadership Series

Management and Leadership SeriesAre you a Manager or Supervisor, the head of a department or a team? Join us for this engaging and practical series of workshops that will build your confidence and toolkit to lead others. Your ability to guide individuals and groups is...

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Our Mission

Relationships are central to our work so we get to know every organization we assist and each employee who calls upon us for support. Our unique model provides comprehensive human resource guidance as well as a highly personalized approach to employee counseling.

Cultivating great places to work…this is both an aspiration and a call to action. At AdaptivaHR we know that the culture at work is the result of the all the things we say and do each day. That is why our mission is to guide and support organizations to be the best they can be.

​Dedicated Mental Health Counselors, Human Resource Professionals, and Management Coaches make up our team. While maintaining a core system for working with businesses, and values that guide our work, we integrate current research and evidenced-based innovations to bring the most effective tools and strategies to the workplace. Our Human Resource Support, Employee Counseling, and Training & Development provide timely and comprehensive support to both growing and established businesses in Vermont and New Hampshire.

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Our Team

Jennifer Jacobs

Business Owner
Human Resource Consultant

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Karen Blumberg

Director of Learning & Development
Organizational Consultant
Employee Counselor

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Robin White

Employee Counselor
Wellness Coach

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Alyssa Pelow

Human Resource Consultant

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Angela Earle Gray

Human Resource Consultant

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Emma Sheldon

Employee Counselor

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Jennifer Jacobs, MA
Business Owner, Human Resource Consultant

Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Counseling and is a registered psychotherapist with the State of Vermont. Up until becoming a business-owner, her career journey was exclusively in the nonprofit sector and included roles as a clinical mental health counselor, an administrator, a program developer, and an experiential educator. She came into Human Resources “sideways” when she realized how much this kind of support was needed by her small business clients while she provided employee counseling services. Picking up the technical knowledge easily, and deftly applying it to real world situations, Jennifer’s reputation as a capable and compassionate resource to local small business owners quickly grew. In a few short years, her one-woman business blossomed into a strong team of professionals in the fields of counseling, Human Resources, and training & development.

“I really love working collaboratively. When I was alone in my business I was not happy. Having a talented team that is both extremely competent and dedicated to the vision I have for creating healthy places to work is an amazing gift. I really feel like we are making some meaningful, if subtle, difference and I see it when a business owner, manager, or employee looks me right in the eye and tells me how grateful they are for our support.”

Karen Blumberg, MA, LCMHC
Director of Learning & Development, Organizational Consultant, Employee Counselor

Karen holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and is licensed as a psychotherapist. She is trained in couples counseling, family systems counseling, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Hypnotherapy, Narrative therapy, and other modalities. Karen also holds a Training and Facilitation Certificate from Marlboro College.

In addition to her clinical training and experience, Karen has a significant background in training and development. She organizes and leads most of our workshops an also provides management coaching on topics related to the systems and support for people at work. Karen really enjoys helping managers become stronger leaders.

“I feel so honored and grateful I get to sit with people, hear about their lives, and help find solutions and resources, and rethink patterns of thinking and behaving. I love working with businesses as we look at similar dynamic systems; it is great to help figure out what is holding productivity back, how the work culture is impacting employees, what systems and structures need re-thinking.”

Robin White, BA, BCC
Employee Counselor & Wellness Coach

Robin White is a registered psychotherapist with the State of Vermont and also is a board-certified Health/Wellness Life Coach and Psychosynthesis Counselor. She is an adjunct teacher of Psychosynthesis and Synthesis Coaching for Synthesis Northeast, Brattleboro, VT. Additionally, Robin is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher and she offers workshops in Compassionate Communication, Compassion Fatigue, Mindfulness, Yoga & Psychosynthesis.

Robin’s approach to providing assistance is anchored by these two questions: What’s going on in your current life? How can I help support you in moving through the situation? With a background in social services, Robin is skilled in helping clients locate and connect with necessary resources as well.

“I started out as a school teacher, moved into social work, and then trained to become a psychotherapist and eventually a life coach. Every experience has helped me become the person I am today and allows me to be present for those who come through the door here at AdaptivaHR. Having lived a full life while seeking to find peace, balance, and ease offers me a unique perspective on many of the common reasons clients come in for support.”

Alyssa Pelow, BA
Human Resource Consultant

Alyssa has an extensive history of working in Human Resources, predominantly at advertising agencies. She says, “this work really opened up my creative side and taught me how that can be channeled into HR. This was where I realized that an employee handbook can be an effective tool that represents a business’ culture, story and brand, while also informing employees of their rights and benefits.” Alyssa has also worked in HR in several other industries, providing support on everything from compliance, to recruiting, to benefits.

“I am always looking for ways to direct employees away from the stigma that comes with the Human Resources title. My hope is to change the way people view the role and how it can be updated, changed, and adapted.”

Angela Earle Gray, BA, SPHR
Human Resource Consultant

Angela is an accomplished Human Resource consultant who came into the profession by necessity at one of her first jobs. As with many nonprofits, there was no one in an HR role so she had to fill in all the gaps. She realized this was something she had an affinity and capacity for and went on to a robust career in HR at several other companies. Angela’s combination of HR expertise, business acumen, and original studies in social sciences make her well-suited to provide critical support to small businesses.

“I believe that employers succeed when they are taking care of their employees. With a low unemployment rate, there is increasing competition for talent. Employers are being forced to think creatively in order to recruit and retain the staff members they need. I am passionate about helping small businesses recognize ways they can support, empower, and engage employees.”

Emma Sheldon, MA
Employee Counselor

Emma has a Master’s degree in Counseling and is a registered psychotherapist with the State of Vermont and brings clinical experience from private practice and also community mental health to the support she provides employees. Her compassionate, holistic, and integrated approach allows each client to be seen for their unique self and engage in a process with her to work toward achieving their goals. Emma’s background in social services also makes her an exceptional resource to assist employees in locating and connecting with necessary resources as well.

“I believe that everyone has the capacity to heal through building a deep authentic relationship with the self and others. It is through these connections that an inner knowing is discovered, and true healing can be achieved. I work with a person-centered, collaborative, and integrative approach, which creates an environment of self-acceptance and personal growth. It is an honor to have the opportunity to bear witness to each individual‘s journey.”