Our Commitment to J.E.D.I.

Our J.E.D.I. Journey

Our Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion (JEDI) Journey

Why are we doing this?

We work to create more equity at work and in our community. This starts with looking at our own beliefs and practices that may perpetuate forms of inequality, even when we do not intend that outcome. We must nurture attitudes and behaviors that create environments (in our own workplace and wherever we find ourselves) that are truly welcoming and supportive for all.

What is JEDI to us?

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion must all receive attention for each component to be meaningfully addressed. Like a table, all legs support each other and what is held by them. We define each of these elements as:

Justice is equal accountability and consequences without having different rules that depend on who you are.

Equity is fair access to the resources you need and being able to have different ways to achieve the same ends.

Diversity is the ability to see from many perspectives which gives us access to what our own points of view can’t see.

Inclusion is about belonging and authentic connection, it should be given and not have to be fought for.

How will we focus our attention?

We will persistently integrate JEDI work in the following areas of our business operations:

  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Professional Development

We will ask the following questions to bring this aspiration to life:

  • Who is being impacted by this (decision/action)? 
  • What decision-making structure is best suited for this (directive, democratic, consensus, etc.)? 
  • How can we best relate to our intended audience (internal or external)?
  • Are we acting with authenticity?
  • Who can help us extend our depth of understanding?

We will examine our own workplace culture for areas that may inadvertently create barriers to equity and inclusion. This will include (but not be limited to) how we: 

  • Hire and onboard
  • Allocate and assign work
  • Communicate (formally and informally)
  • Recognize and celebrate holidays
  • Share information about our experience at wor

We will integrate JEDI perspectives and practices into the services we provide other businesses to help them authentically create a workplace where all belong (and experience that they belong). This will include stand-alone services (such as workshops, coaching, etc.) as well as weaving practices into all of our services (i.e. employee handbooks, assisting with recruiting, support for performance concerns, etc.).

(a few) Resources to help us on our journey

Abundant Sun

Antiracism Daily (website, newsletter) 

Pride Center of Vermont

Peace and Justice Center

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility