Our Team

Who is at Adaptiva HR?

  Jennifer Jacobs, MA, BCC
  Business Owner, Human Resource Consultant

Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Counseling and is a registered psychotherapist with the State of Vermont. Up until becoming a business-owner, her career journey was exclusively in the nonprofit sector and included roles as a clinical mental health counselor, an administrator, a program developer, and an experiential educator. She came into Human Resources “sideways” when she realized how much this kind of support was needed by her small business clients as she was providing employee counseling and management coaching. Picking up the technical knowledge easily and deftly applying it to real world situations, Jennifer’s reputation as a capable and compassionate resource to local small business owners quickly grew. In a few short years, her one-woman business blossomed into a strong team of Employee Counseling, Human Resource, and Training & Development professionals.
“I really love working collaboratively. When I was alone in my business I was not happy. Having a talented team that is both extremely competent and dedicated to the vision I have for creating healthy places to work is an amazing gift. I really feel like we are making a meaningful, if subtle, difference. I see it when a business owner, manager, or employee earnestly tells me how grateful they are for our support.”

Karen Blumberg, MA, LCMHC
Management Consultant, Employee Counselor, Trainer

Karen holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and is licensed as a psychotherapist. She is trained in several clinical modalities including couples counseling, family systems counseling, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Hypnotherapy, and Narrative therapy. Karen also holds a Certificate in Training and Facilitation from Marlboro College.

In addition to her clinical work, Karen has a significant background in training and development. She organizes and leads most of our workshops and also provides management coaching on topics related to the systems and support for people at work. Karen really enjoys helping managers become stronger leaders.

“It is an honor to sit with people, hear about their lives, and help them find solutions and resources, and also to notice patterns of thinking and behaving. I love working with businesses as we look at similar dynamic systems; it is great to help figure out what is holding productivity back, how the work culture is impacting employees, what systems and structures need re-thinking.”