Employee Assistance Program

Support for challenges big and small

A personal, local, holistic employee benefit

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employer-sponsored benefit, providing employees with free and confidential access to counseling and resource services. At Adaptiva HR, we put mental health support within easy reach. From day-to-day stressors to clinical needs, our team is assisting hundreds of people who may not be able to access help otherwise.

The more mental health help is available the less stigma there is to it. And when more mental health help is used we are healthier, as individuals and communities.

We’re not your typical Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Our team provides all of the support:

  • As an employer, you get to know us and can make more informed employee referrals to our services
  • Employees can work with the same counselor, even if they return weeks or months later
  • “One-stop shopping” for counseling support, resource assistance, AND manager coaching
  • In-depth knowledge of local resources and help connecting to them
  • We understand workplace dynamics and can assist with work-specific concerns

A person-centered experience:

  • Our counselors provide the EAP orientation so your employees connect right away with our team
  • When an employee contacts us they do not go through a third-party or lengthy intake process before scheduling an appointment with a counselor
  • We tailor our support to meet the needs of the individual
  • There is no firm limit to the number of appointments
  • Our counselors lead well-being workshops so employees get to know them and we get to know your workplace better

Peace of mind to employers and employees:

  • We are on stand-by for consultation or onsite support in the event of a workplace emergency or disruptive event
  • Employees can have a quick check-in anytime with the same counselor they have seen
  • We help employers determine what kind well-being support employees may need and how to deliver those resources
  • Employers can easily access additional services we offer if the need arises (i.e. Human Resource consultation, workshops)
  • Employees and employers receive practical help to problems that can be complex and overwhelming

The full range of our EAP support includes:

  • Friendly, caring, and knowledgeable, counselors
  • Easy to make and timely appointments with trained counselors and coaches
  • Support for all employees regardless of position or job category
  • Connect to local resources with in-depth knowledge of what is available
  • Tailored referrals for additional mental health services when needed
  • A supportive bridge until additional resources or services are in place
  • Practical coaching for personal and work-related needs
  • Customized EAP outreach plan for your organization
  • Quarterly digital “Be Well News” (well-being newsletter)
  • Outreach materials explaining and promoting EAP use
  • Mediation for employee-employee and employee-manager conflicts
  • Assistance with formal referrals for serious job performance concerns
  • Workshops on wellbeing topics relevant to your employees
  • Management coaching to help with…
    • performance concerns
    • concerns about employee well-being
    • develop confidence in ability to supervise
Help and resources are just a phone call or email message away.

Office hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:30 -am – 6:30 pm

Call 802-254-5875 or email to schedule an appointment.

Contact an EAP counselor.

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Every issue, problem, celebration, or system that we’ve needed help with Thrive has come through for us. Whether it’s counseling our HR team or our individual employees, Jenn and her team have done a top-notch job. Truly confidential, highly professional, prompt and caring service is what we’ve come to expect. I highly recommend Thrive to any business or organization. To be able to have professional solid advice from an outside party beyond your organization is invaluable.