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COVID-19 Support (click above for link)  Or, use your phone:  1 (669) 224-3412Access Code: 958-702-837   Covid-19 Online Support GroupThis is a time of unprecedented uncertainty. Our routines have been turned upside-down and there may be much worry about our own...

Management and Leadership Series POSTPONED

April 1 – May 27thTHIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED Management and Leadership SeriesThe Management & Leadership Series covers essential knowledge and tools that often are not directly developed despite advancement into supervisory roles. The series includes workshops on…...

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Focus on Yourself

What does it take to be successful at work? Technical skills and expertise, yes…and also effectively dealing with stress, organizing time and tasks, receiving useful feedback, and having enough support. Our workshops offer key insights to all of these areas (and more) as well as strategies to put those insights into practice each and every day.


Resilience: Your Immunity to Stress

Resilience is to Stress what the Immune System is to Illness…it won’t prevent you from experiencing it, but it can lessen the impact and frequency. Why do some people seem to be more resilient, better able to “bounce back” after a difficulty? Can you increase your own resilience? Yes! Boosting resilience is a classic “simple but not easy” process, and it is 100% possible. The stronger our resilience the better we are able to let go of everyday annoyances, learn to discern what we can versus cannot control, and put our energy into healthy changes. If you feel stressed out by work, or life in general, this workshop can help you.

Participants will take away practical tools to use immediately in any corner of their lives.

The Helping Hazard: Compassion Fatigue

Caring can hurt…when we provide caring support for others (personally or professionally, people or animals) without intentionally and adequately taking care of ourselves real and significant distress is likely to occur. This may take the form of self-destructive behaviors used as a means to cope with the distress, lack of energy for basic self-care, and a range of damaging emotional states such as loneliness and despair.

Fortunately there IS something that can be done. Compassion Fatigue is not a “natural consequence” of caregiving. It does require practice and effort, but the steps toward personal well-being ARE doable. Learn practical strategies to help you help yourself, as well as ways to reframe your role and work.

Time Is On My Side: Strategies to Organize Time Better

Do you feel perpetually stuck in the cycle of too much to do and not enough time to do it? Does it seem like you are always busy but not getting much done? This workshop will help you! We address numerous time management pitfalls like distractions, lack of prioritizing, and not setting clear daily goals. Participants will learn several tools to organize their time that can be put to use right away. We also cover specific ways to begin to change patterns of behavior that contribute to time clutter so you can transform your day into one that is more productive and rewarding.

You Sent What?! Email Etiquette for the Workplace

Do you hit “reply” before really considering what you wrote?
Have you ever sent an adorable kitten memo to your colleagues?
Our email behavior has the potential to sabotage our reputations at work, and waste time. What are the most effective and least aggravating ways of expressing yourself through email?

In this workshop we will explore ways to be more mindful of how we use email (i.e. when you should and should not use “Reply All”) as well as specific strategies like the best language to use for a common situations, what NOT to send, and how to cut down on inbox clutter.

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How We Work Together

Relationships with coworkers, personal behavior and attitude, and how these all intersect create the culture of the workplace.

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Be a Good Boss

If you are a manager or supervisor, you are a boss. Being a boss means you are in charge. Too often individuals shy away from this and the result is ineffective management and leadership.

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The Rules of the Road

Employment regulations create important rules that ensure safe and equitable workplaces. Complying with them prevents costly and unnecessary fines AND lays the foundation for a healthy workplace culture.

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Our response to COVID-19

We are here, supporting businesses and individuals through the Covid-19 crisis. Our Employee Counselors and Human Resource Professionals are just a phone call or email message away. All of our services are available by phone and video. We also have resources and information specific to Covid-19.