Managing Your Employees Through the Disruption

Troubled and confused by the current situation? Anxious about your business and worried about how to manage your employees during this pandemic? What does the future look like and what changes can we expect in these difficult and uncertain times? Please join Karen...

Covid-19 Online Support Group

COVID-19 Support (click above for link)  Or, use your phone:  1 (669) 224-3412Access Code: 958-702-837   Covid-19 Online Support GroupThis is a time of unprecedented uncertainty. Our routines have been turned upside-down and there may be much worry about our own...

Management and Leadership Series POSTPONED

April 1 – May 27thTHIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED Management and Leadership SeriesThe Management & Leadership Series covers essential knowledge and tools that often are not directly developed despite advancement into supervisory roles. The series includes workshops on…...

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How We Work Together

Relationships with coworkers, personal behavior and attitude, and how these all intersect create the culture of the workplace. The quality of attention and effort put into caring for the culture determines the quality of worklife. We offer people and businesses critical information and practical tools and to create great places to work.


Workplace Culture: Creating Healthy and Positive Places to Work

Culture is like the air we breath at work. It’s all around us, it affects us, and often we are not too conscious of it. Each person plays an important role in how “clean” or “polluted” it is.

What are the norms in your work group?
What do you want IN the workplace culture and what do you want OUT of it?

This workshop helps participants focus on the specific culture in which they work and what they can do as an individual, and as a leader, to enhance it. We also share practical and helpful strategies that employees in any positions within an organization can use to make it a great place to work.

The Multi-Generation Workplace

For the first time, there are up to four generations working together. How do Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials navigate this new territory? Developing, motivating and retaining the brightest talent from all the generations is key to an organization’s success. But this multi-generational work environment can cause conflict, tension, frustration and misunderstandings.

In this workshop we zero in on the core values of each generation, how they affect perspective, expectations and behavior, and guide participants to better understand and approach working with generations that are not their own.

How to Talk and Listen: Effective Communication at Work

Expressing ideas and opinions, listening to others, and understanding what is heard is the foundation for healthy and productive workplaces.

In this workshop, participants gain helpful communication tools they can use right away…like how to talk and listen for understanding and how to manage your own emotions during a challenging situation. Use these strategies in all dynamics at work: within a team, peer to peer, supervisor to employee, and employee to supervisor. Improve what you do and your relationships with others at work by cultivating your communication skills.

How to Make Conflict Productive

When faced with conflict, do you become defensive or try to smooth everything over?
Do you avoid conflict like it’s the plague?

Few people embrace disagreements head-on, and yet conflict is inevitable and it can also be beneficial. Productive conflicts help to clarify agendas, create greater understanding, and deepen relationships. They can increase trust and reduce misunderstandings. So how DO you resolve conflicts more effectively?

Participants will explore what is at the root of conflict and be taught tools to work through them. They will learn how to apply skills to regulate their feelings, listen reflectively, and achieve a win-win resolution.

Mind Your Ps and Qs: Getting Rid of Gossip and Negative Behaviors at Work

Most of us are curious about each other, and we like to know what is going on. But when this curiosity turns negative, workplace rumors can be devastating. They are often the source of employee anxiety and tension, lack of productivity, low morale, divisiveness, and an erosion of trust.

This workshop teaches employees how to create an environment where team spirit and trust are high and negative behaviors, such as gossip, are low. Participants learn the difference between gossiping and reporting a complaint, how to identify gossip and deal with it effectively, and how to create a workplace that is safe and free of negative talk.

Compassionate Communication at Work

Is it hard to communicate with people who have different or stronger views than your own?
Do you want to get better at listening to others, even when a part of you may be feeling criticized?
How would you like to be able to easily express how you really feel?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) turns conflict into connection by recognizing and addressing the implicit, unmet feelings and needs that underlie conflict. Participants in this introductory workshop learn how to listen empathically to encourage safe and happy workplace environments, receive “hard to hear” statements without taking it personally, and make requests (not hidden demands).

The Lenses We Look Through: Unconscious Bias at Work

Unconscious Biases are the mental shortcuts our brains take to help us make decisions quickly. They are not inherently “bad” but they can have damaging consequences.

The course raises awareness of how unconscious biases work, and how they can negatively influence workplace interactions.

How do we behave towards others when we have gaps in our own perceptions and awareness?
How does unconscious bias show up at work and what can we do about it?

In addition to personal exploration (our own “lenses” of culture and experience) we cover specific tools and strategies that individuals, and organizations, can use to become aware of unconscious bias AND effectively address it (without shame and blame) when it happens.

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Managing Your Employees Through the Disruption

Troubled and confused by the current situation? Anxious about your business and worried about how to manage your employees during this pandemic? What does the future look like and what changes can we expect in these difficult and uncertain times? Please join Karen...

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Focus on Yourself

What does it take to be successful at work? Technical skills and expertise, yes…and also effectively dealing with stress, organizing time and tasks, receiving useful feedback, and having enough support.

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Be a Good Boss

If you are a manager or supervisor, you are a boss. Being a boss means you are in charge. Too often individuals shy away from this and the result is ineffective management and leadership.

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The Rules of the Road

Employment regulations create important rules that ensure safe and equitable workplaces. Complying with them prevents costly and unnecessary fines AND lays the foundation for a healthy workplace culture.

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Our response to COVID-19

We are here, supporting businesses and individuals through the Covid-19 crisis. Our Employee Counselors and Human Resource Professionals are just a phone call or email message away. All of our services are available by phone and video. We also have resources and information specific to Covid-19.