Human Resource Needs for Small & Medium Size Businesses

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Human Resource Needs

Adaptiva HR provides peace of mind with comprehensive, timely, and professional Human Resource Services. Our support is perfect for businesses that do not have their own HR staffing or have just one person (valiantly!) trying to do it all. We partner with our business clients to take HR issues off their “to do” list, create smoother internal HR systems, and provide sound guidance when problems arise.

Who benefits from our Human Resource Services?

The type of support we provide is limited only by the needs and interests of a business. Most often we work with employers with one or more of the following situations…

  • Owner-operated small businesses
  • Business owners/Office Managers who are also “doing HR” for the company
  • When the “HR person” has little or no experience with employment law compliance
  • Businesses who have assigned HR functions to whoever handles finances internally
  • Organizations that are growing and struggling to keep up with HR compliance/best practices

We offer flexible options to address your unique HR needs. This includes a monthly subscription for Human Resource services, as-needed assistance, and on-site HR support. Our tailored and strategic solutions allow you to focus on the other essential areas of the business. As your trusted Human Resource partner, we also provide you peace of mind, knowing that you are not alone when it comes to employee and employment needs. 

The capable and experienced professionals at Adaptiva HR quickly get to know you and the culture of your organization. Because we focus on building relationships with our business clients, we can ensure that HR strategy and compliance needs are integrated and do not feel “tacked on” to how your organization currently operates. When changes are needed, we help you develop a transition that is smooth for the organization and employees.

How can we help with your Human Resource needs?

Compliance and Risk Management

Employment regulations vary by Federal and State laws, business size, and type of industry. Sometimes they even seem to contradict each other and they can change from year-to-year. We ensure you have easy to understand information about complying with all relevant employment regulations and provide systems and hands-on support to help you do so.

Employee Relations and Engagement

The people who work at your organization are the foundation for its success. The culture you create and encourage has a significant impact on their experience at work. Are the expectations clear? Do they receive timely and meaningful feedback? Can they work as an effective team and navigate conflicts productively? We provide strategic guidance and practical help with all aspects of hiring, onboarding, job performance, supervisor support, and workplace culture.

Terminations and Transitions

Letting an employee go is probably the hardest situation any employer and employee has to navigate. We help businesses implement effective processes so employees can be successful at work (clear job descriptions, timely and meaningful feedback, effective performance review, courageous conversations about issues). If it is necessary to terminate, though, we are there throughout that process, including the difficult conversation.

Employees move on for other reasons, too. We provide guidance and direct support for employee development and successions including career path planning, training up for manager-level positions, and re-evaluating roles.

Internal HR Strategy

Regardless of the size of your organization, if you have employees you need to have strategies for each phase of the Employment Life Cycle:

Hiring (recruiting, vetting, onboarding)
Employee Retention (development, discipline, compensation/benefits)
Transitions (promotions, resignations, terminations)

Our experienced HR professionals have will help you design and implement all your HR strategies, ensuring these “important but not urgent” tasks get off of your to-do list and into practice.

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Every issue, problem, celebration, or system that we’ve needed help with Thrive has come through for us. Whether it’s counseling our HR team or our individual employees, Jenn and her team have done a top-notch job. Truly confidential, highly professional, prompt and caring service is what we’ve come to expect. I highly recommend Thrive to any business or organization. To be able to have professional solid advice from an outside party beyond your organization is invaluable.


All Human Resource subscriptions now include the following services:

Employee Complaint Line

We provide employees with a secure, third-party to report concerns regarding potential violations of company policy or procedures. These concerns may not rise to the level of an investigation but may be causing significant distress and disruption. We will assess the situation with the employee, clarifying our role and when it is necessary to report back to the employer. Our team of HR and management consultants can also help organizations address the reported concerns with a productive, growth-oriented framework.

Internal Investigations

An internal investigation is a critical step when an employee alleges that there has been a violation of certain Federal or State employment regulations. Many employers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, do not have the knowledge or time to conduct a proper and thorough investigation. Following established protocols, our team of HR professionals will conduct a complete investigation into the alleged complaints, providing a written summary and clear recommendations for next steps.

FMLA & COBRA Administration

Many medium-sized businesses are large enough to be required to follow the regulations associated with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA and VPFLA in Vermont) and/or COBRA (if group health insurance is offered) but too small to have a dedicated HR professional to manage these claims. We will make ensure there is clear communication with employees so they know their rights, a confidential process for managing claims, and completion of the necessary documentation.