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Retreats & Custom Learning

Thrive Learning Center develops custom learning and growth opportunities for a whole staff, a specific team, or any other group of people who work together. We help organizations get the most out of their investment (time, energy, and financial) by including an action plan to carry forward what was learned, practiced, and discovered back into the day-to-day of the workplace.

Thrive Learning Center creates and facilitates the following in-depth opportunities for knowledge and skill development…

Multi-day Retreats

Multi-day Retreats are impactful for newly formed groups that need to work closely, and effectively, together; multi-faceted issues like strategic planning; addressing topics that need in-depth exploration, planning, or development; and other issues requiring dedicated time and attention.

Full-day Retreats

Full-day Retreats are helpful for teams that have been working together and could benefit from a “reset” or opportunity to deepen their connections; introduction to a new initiative and how it will be implemented; development, or review, of an organizational system that does not need multi-day attention; and other needs that could benefit from a full day of attention.

Half-day Retreats

Half-day Retreats are great for staff meetings that need more than an hour or two; problem-solving a particular situation; planning an organization event; celebrating milestones; reviewing an event, product or service launch, or other significant initiative; and other topics that need up to four hours of dedicated time away from workplace distractions.

A Custom Learning Program begins with a comprehensive needs assessment to determine an organization’s unique learning priorities and goals. We develop a specific learning program, a plan for implementation, and a process for evaluation throughout the program. A Custom Learning Program helps organizations identify, and address, industry-specific knowledge and skills areas as well as workplace topics.

If you are interested in any of our retreats, please feel free to indicate here.